Creative Family Literacy

Apple Abundance Works Wonders

Namaste abundant seeds of co-creativity!
I greet you in the waning hours of the American Labor Day and the opening hours of this  year's Rosh Hashanah ~ sweet new year celebration! We are celebrating our evolving work with the Leaping Literacy Library including the return of our literacy dailies at YIPPEE! This week we have Sacred Sunday Celebrations of Rosh Hashanah with special guest Joanie Calem as well as reverent connections with the apple. In other dailies, we have fun with clocks, the turning of the seasons, more secular celebrations with apple as well as grandparents leading into 2nd September Sunday Grandparents Day.  Here is a vlog if you care to share ... a bit of prayer, play, and song. I am singing of the blessedness of YES! Sing along! I am yessing the blessings of life and of new starts, and of apple ~ for all of us! With the seeds of potentiality found in apple's center, we can see with the eyes of our heart the star we truly be! Whatever work is yours to do, whatever calls your heart home to you, I wish you all the best in feeling blessed and being centered in your happiness. Namaste, Love!

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Yippee! There are featured videos for each day for you to read, sing, play! Open up to see with Leaping Literacy Library ETV!

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