Creative Family Literacy

We Be The Whispered Wish Of Family

All Ages and Stages

Namaste Beautiful, Bountiful Beings in the Family of Humanity, Creativity, & Divinity!
Welcome to our new, commercial free, Leaping Literacy Library blog space! It is the intersection of many dreams in the Circle of Time. Thank you for being part of the Circle in this right now moment and at any moment you have been in the Creative Spirit Families'  many circles of time and Circle of Love!

We are reestablishing our communication outlets and invitations for traditional, creative, and spiritual family literacy with multiple options for participation. Our Leaping Literacy Online Library offerings are re-opening for International Literacy Day 9/8/2021. Library links, ETV, this blog, and more special offerings like Friend & Family Forums are centered here in our Creative Family Literacy branch.

 Just like with any growing process, and much like ourselves as individuals and as family, this is a unified field of ages and stages. All that has ever been meets all that can be in the intersection of linear and circular time. Past, present. future, our essence remains the same. We be the whispered wish of creation expressing our every yes in celebration!

We have 3 Celebration Invitations for you all linked below!
1. Look within ... what are some ways YOU are being invited to begin again? Do you feel alone or connected in family and unity? Who is family for you? Who does your heart call you to be in the circle of connectivity? Below is a sing along video, Up With Us. 
2. We also invite you to go to our Feathers Of Freedom Family Camp online! Patterned after our annual Camp in the high Sierras and currently found on our Leaping Literacy Free Shelf, there are many invitation celebrations there for you!
3. ETV! Our current Celebration Invitation for our web shows is the Dinosaur Roar Trilogy! YES! There are 3 ETV shows playing full of dinosaur imagination, information, and inspiration. EnJOY!

Thank you so much for sharing this new space and new beginning in the Circle of Time! Sending you so much Love and Appreciation in these Celebration Invitations with continued whispered wishes for LOTS of family unity and creativity lifting you UP, UP, UP!

Free ETV Literacy Dailies!

Yippee! There are featured videos for each day for you to read, sing, play! Open up to see with Leaping Literacy Library ETV!

Watch this week's free ETV!