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Baptismal Affirmation: Life Celebration

Namaste Beautiful Beings Baptized in the River of Life's Love for You!
Here is an Invitation and Celebration of water as life, growth in the circle of time, and family as unity! Were you ever formally baptized? Is baptism religious and/or spiritual for you? Maybe you want to affirm yourself as the I Am Presence with life affirming water?!

This post was inspired by a recent,  I Am  baptismal experience my young son ~ now 21! ~ was involved in co-creating. I found it to be a celebration and invitation available to us all for participation!

I raised up, or rather, supported Jeremiah as he grew into adulthood, with New Thought principles; a strong spiritual foundation, practicing meditation and affirmative prayer, and knowing himself as a whole and perfect sacred expression able to live his divine potential. Simply put, we stayed as awake and aware as we could of ourselves as spiritual beings having this human experience. Some of our journey together in these realms is found in our New Thought Families' Leaping Literacy Library video archives.

One such adventure we had was at Niagara Falls being 'baptized' in JOY and a reverently rich and deep experience of life's abundance that powered the conviction that there is no lack! Jeremiah filled a bottle from our splashing moments and to this day, more than a decade later, that water is crystal clear and sits on or near our altar. I sometimes dip my fingers in, and wet my forehead in an affirmational baptismal reminder of the expansive abundance and beauty life is and I am!
Celebration Invitation: Get or bless some holy water for yourself and sprinkle it on you with your own intention and baptismal affirmation! This can be any water you bless and any affirmation you intend!

Now! As promised, Jeremiah's recent baptismal experience! It was the weekend of our annual Feathers Of Freedom Family Camp in the Sierras. Jeremiah had been there with us that week and then flew to Unity Village and met up with some Unity Next Generation friends. They stayed in an (air B & B) old Fillmore house on the grounds and had their own kind of retreat experience. At one point they discussed baptism. Jeremiah was the only one who had experienced baptism though his was at the Mokelumne River with family and not in a church. As a group, they decided to baptize themselves in some creek waters there at the Village in an affirmation of Faith and Family. As part of their ceremony, they asked each other these 3 questions and answered, "I Am":

1. Are you a divine being connected with Spirit?
2. Are you committed to living this life path with Love, Connection, and Light?
3. Are you receiving the ever present love of Spirit, God, Source?

Celebration Invitation: Can you ask yourself these or your own baptismal affirmations? Are there loved ones you can share this with and ask and affirm with each other? You can do it with or without water for life and I Am Spirit renewal!

Jeremiah and his friends gave my heart and the friends he/I have shared this with such inspirational hope so hoping the same for you if you are reading this. His bottle of Unity Village creek water is sitting next to our Niagara Falls bottle of water right now on the altar as a beautiful reminder of life circle celebration. In my own journey, it was the first Feathers weekend without Jeremiah and I had to alchemize the natural parental resistance I felt towards change. It actually helped my Spirit move towards a needed new dream for future Feathers. Jeremiah's story and his other shared experiences from his Unity Village weekend made my mama heart sing! Like all parenting, spiritual parenting has its challenges and its rewards. In the end, we are all family with each other and as humanity and we do well as we grow up and on to hold each other in the ever present, omnipresent Presence ready to renew us at any moment! You can affirm this I Am sacred essence any way you like, with or without the life giving presence of (baptismal) water!

Thank you so much for being here and staying connected to your own heart and sense of Presence. We are indeed sacred expression able to live our divine potential. Up with you and the Unity of Us!

(As the blog makes it's transition here, there will be posts centered in the different areas of our traditional, creative, and spiritual family literacy focus'. In keeping with our New Thought Families spiritual literacy blog which lived on wordpress for 10 years and in an email newsletter for several years before that, I will regularly be here with invitations and celebrations to be centered in our hearts, living our Spirit wisdom and truth!)

Here are 2 singings of Open Flow with Jeremiah and I! The 1st at the Mokelumne River circa 2008 (?) and the 2nd next to Sutter Creek, 2019. So goes the Circle of Time!

Open Flow is on Our Circle Of One CD!

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